Speaking at Technology Expo & B2B Meetings

The Technology Expo Community invites the industry representatives to propose the best speakers from all backgrounds to speak on the Technology Expo stage.

Technology Expo encourages the industry representatives to bring forward thought leaders, innovators and technology experts to be considered for the opportunity to be on one of the Eastern Europe most influential platforms.

Global innovation will achieve its fullest potential by embracing individuals from all backgrounds. We're calling on the entire technology industry to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices for Technology Expo & B2B Meetings.

Technology Expo provides a platform for experts at every stage of their careers, from startups to global brands.


Connectivity and Digital Ecosystems
Engineered Parts and Industrial Equipment
Automation and Robotics
Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility
Energy Solutions

Questions? Contact Us

For inquiries related to our Call for Speakers, please contact the Technology Expo Conferences Team.